When Pesticides Killed School Children In India

At Least 21 Children Died After Eating Free School Meal In India

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Dr.Vandana Shiva advises the importance of organic farming and on how the whole poison in the food system can be avoided.

We need to realize that pesticides are nothing but poison which contaminates the land , air , food , water .A change in the food system should happen in order to avoid tragedies as this. Changes as these can be brought up by the people  boycotting pesticide grown foods and opting for organically grown  ones. Which will help in purifying the food cycle again.


Transforming 120 acres Of Barren Land Into A Self-sufficient Organic Farm

Transforming 120 acres of barren land into a self-sufficient organic farm: The story of Rajesh Naik and Oddoor farms

By : Aarti Kelkar-Khambete  thebetterindia.com

A visit to Oddoor farms near Mangalore, Karnataka, provides an inspiring example of the efforts made by Rajesh Naik to transform 120 acres of barren land into a lush green farm through his persistent efforts of creating a 2 acre wide and 50 feet deep lake, which has not only transformed the surrounding area, but has also helped in improving the water table in the surrounding village, besides helping in the development of a self-sufficient organic farm and a dairy.

A view of the two acre lake at Oddoor farms, Mangalore

Oddoor farms, around 25 kilometres away from Mangalore city is a great example of a very successful effort made by Rajesh Naik who has transformed 120 acres of barren land into a self-sufficient organic farm by developing a 50 feet lake on two acres of land. The journey has been a long one and not without its share of challenges, but persistence and constant optimism and hard work to overcome challenges has reaped results in the last twenty years, informs Rajesh.

It took a lot of financial resources and time to create a lake that gradually started filling up with water and now it generates around 40,000 litres of water that is used for irrigating the whole farm. This has not only helped in creating and developing greenery in the area, but has also helped in increasing the water table in the surrounding areas of the farm. the area with areca nut plantations spread across ten acres of land besides growing coconut, mangoes, haldi, pepper, bananas, cashew nuts, fruits and vegetables.

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Comments : Another success of a farmer who has used natural techniques and brought life back into the land.

Today world-wide corporations like Monsanto, Syngenta , Bayer , BASF  promote to use harmful chemicals which not only poisons the land but also the food we have. Organic farming has to be encouraged all over the world so the water and food we have is toxic free.

Keep the food away from corporations they poison the population for their profits and control over food.

Land Access For Farmers For Good

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