When Pesticides Killed School Children In India

At Least 21 Children Died After Eating Free School Meal In India

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Dr.Vandana Shiva advises the importance of organic farming and on how the whole poison in the food system can be avoided.

We need to realize that pesticides are nothing but poison which contaminates the land , air , food , water .A change in the food system should happen in order to avoid tragedies as this. Changes as these can be brought up by the people  boycotting pesticide grown foods and opting for organically grown  ones. Which will help in purifying the food cycle again.


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5 Responses to When Pesticides Killed School Children In India

  1. My Say says:

    we are consuming poison any ways .. dying a slow death !! 😦

    • adz25 says:

      We need to make sure we avoid as much as possible . This can be done by encourage local farmers ,so they can produce food organically and this would in turn help both us and them. Rather rely on these corporations whose aim is only profit and not health of the consumer.

  2. Harsha says:

    As per the forensic report there was more percent of pesticide than recommended..But nway having pesticides food will sooner or later make us disease prone…

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