Help others not expecting a benefit but to see others smile .   Necessity always provokes people to do things that is unethical . Learn and share .

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A beautiful farmers love story amongst the Ceylon tea fields.


A beautiful love story of two farmers who share their work and enjoy in what they do. How much of us enjoy in what we do today? How much of us share our work with our wife/husband. ? Watch this beautiful story of Piyasena and his wife Ariyawatha and get enlightened.
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A Home Run By NFL Rookie Rescues Woman and Her Three Kids while Driving to Training Camp

A Home Run By NFL Rookie Rescues Woman and Her Three Kids while Driving to Training Camp

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Tennessee Titans linebacker Jonathan Willard  saved a family from a burning car on Interstate 40 Tuesday. Jonathan –otherwise known as Tig– was driving to Nashville for the Titans training camp when he noticed a woman and her children driving in a car which had smoke coming out of it. Tig Willard said,  The car in front of me started smoking and I saw the smoke and the lady said that she saw the smoke, but she didn’t know it was coming from her car. Willard and another traveler got the woman, 28-year-old Cheri Hubbard’s attention by honking their horns and flashing their lights. By the time Hubbard pulled over, the car was in flames. Both Tig and the other traveler stopped to help and assisted in getting Hubbard, the three children and a dog to safety. Just as everyone was safe, the SUV exploded four times. Willard added, A lot of people passed by and didn’t help and so she was just wanting to thank us for us helping get the kids out. The Titans team  is impressed with Willard’s performance off the field. Head coach, Mike Munchak says,  We’re proud of him that he got involved with something and reacted in a positive way and brought good to a tough situation. Titan Jason McCourty added,  That speaks very highly of him, that he would be riding down the street and see something like that and put his life on the line. Willard does not take credit for his good deed. I give all the glory to God.

Comments : Make an effort to help people when they are in trouble . Try not to be a spectator .

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