Girl population falls across Mumbai, experts blame sex selection

Girl population falls across Mumbai, experts blame sex selection


The city has undergone a sea change in recent years but its societal attitudes have stubbornly stayed the same. A ward-level analysis of the latest Census data reveals that 20 of Mumbai’s 24 municipal wards experienced a decline in child sex ratio since 2001.


The WorliPrabhadevi region, where traditional chawls gave way to skyscrapers, recorded the highest drop in child sex ratio in a decade. For every 1,000 boys, it had 931 girls in 2001 but just 899 in 2011. The picture remained dismal all around. In south Mumbai’s Dongri-Umarkhadi stretch, where considerable redevelopment took place, the ratio fell by 28 points to 907 girls per 1,000 boys.

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Comments : In most parts of India, sex-selective practices are more common among the more  educated and richer families, which have the knowledge and the resources to  discreetly carry out the practice.”

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When The Dance Bars Open Again In Mahrashtra

The Supreme Court on Tuesday allowed dance bars in Maharashtra to reopen, eight years after they were shut down by the state government

The court upheld an earlier Bombay High Court order that allowed dance bar owners to reapply for licences.

“It is about the fundamental right to earn a living and if someone knows only dancing, they should be able to exercise the right to earn a living through that,” Flavia Agnes, a lawyer who had earlier represented the bar dancer commented.

“We are very happy with the Supreme Court’s decision,” she said.

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The dance bars, operating mostly in cities and towns, employed an estimated 75,000 women to entertain customers. They danced to popular Bollywood numbers and accepted money from clients who showered them with rupee notes.

Women activists and lawyers representing dancers were among those who said the government’s stand is sexist and prohibits women from earning a living without providing them with any other employment opportunities.

Comments : It’s ironic that they passed such a judgement . In the year 2005, they ordered dance bars to be closed as it was considered as a tool for prostitution and today they order for it to re-open in the name of employment! Is this the new strategy to raise the Indian economy since investments are low and money is being pulled out of the nation? Isn’t  the government able to come up with any other alternative jobs for women?

Above all the “women’s right activists”  are happy about this decision as 75,000+ women would be re-employed. Has the value and respect  for women in our society gone down so much that even women’s rights activists encourage such decisions? Are we going to accept this “change” ? Few months back, when a lady was brutally raped there was a huge out burst . Now the court rules to legalize dance bars where drunkards who wouldn’t  be in their senses would be throwing money at them and molesting them “Legally“!

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Bt Cotton seed Roundup Ready Flex -Available Illegally In The Indian Market?

Bt Cotton seed Roundup Ready Flex -Available Illegally In The Indian Market?


Agriculture officers swooped on two seed shops in Kayar and Mukutban villages in Zari taluka of suicide-riven Yavatmal district and seized banned Bt Cotton seed Roundup Ready Flex (RRF) worth over Rs 20 lakh.

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“The RRF variety of Bacillus thuringiensis(Bt) is the most controversial of all Bt Cotton seeds, but it continues to be sold with impunity in open market in Vidarbha region. It is an irony that while Mahyco (Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company) is already facing a ban on selling its BG-I and BG-II variety of Bt Cotton seeds, in the state, the government has so far failed to clamp down on RRF seeds despite Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) refusal to clear it on grounds that it is extremely harmful to the environment,” Tiwari pointed out.

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