Illiterate farmer designs Water Mill to generate Electricity

Illiterate farmer designs Water Mill to generate Electricity


Siddappa, an illiterate farmer from a small village in India has designed a water mill to generate electricity. From concept to realisation, the farmer did everything on his own. Using simple materials and low-tech solutions he managed to harvest 150 watts of energy from the water mill that he constructed in a canal near his house. Plastic buckets on a wheel are filled by flowing water and put in motion the mill that is connected to a dynamo. Siddappa’s hopes his invention will inspire his fellow villagers

Siddappa’s advise “Many people who have canals flowing near their villages don’t know how to use that natural gift. I want to show them all practically that electricity problems can be solved by being creative. There is no need to beg to the government for everything”



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4 Responses to Illiterate farmer designs Water Mill to generate Electricity

  1. Harsha says:

    Hats off to Him..Really necessity is the mother of invention..

  2. preethiprasan says:

    that is just amazing! and thought provoking…

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