Pads4Girls: Help a Girl Stay in School

Pads4Girls: Help a Girl Stay in School

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Women make use of dirty rags, bark, ash and mud instead of sanitary pads . Why is it that they don’t use the general sanitary napkins we all know of ?The reasons for this dire situation are a lack of awareness, availability, and affordability; not to mention issues that arise with disposal. All of these are coupled with the cultural taboo attached to menstruation in our country where menstruating women are considered to be ‘impure’.

Lets help women and girls come over this cultural taboo.


Take A Stand For Her

Take A Stand For Her

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Comments : India has turned out to be a living hell for women in the past and currently is getting worse as days pass by . Women are no longer safe in the country . Tomorrow it might be your wife , sister or mother , neighbour who may be harmed. Let’s take an initiative and protect women and make India a better place to live for them.


BUTTERFLIES ORGANIZATION -Fulfilling dreams of street children

Banking on the future

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Tens of thousands of children live on the streets and in the public spaces of Delhi, the capital of India. A few hundred of them come within the orbit of Butterflies, an organization determined to equip for them for a better life. Butterflies gives homeless boys shelter from the elements, protection from violence and a chance to get an education that has been denied to them. And in this developing economic superpower, the street boys are encouraged to become financially independent. Some of them are even given the opportunity to become a bank manager.

This video was made for Aljazeera English.


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