Seed & Food Freedom: 2-16 October 2013

Seed & Food Freedom: 2-16 October 2013

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Key Days of Action / Ideas for Action

Organise worldwide Actions for Seed Freedom and Food Freedom between 2-16 October. Add them to the Seed Freedom Map and we’ll share them via social media. For ideas for Actions, seeIdeas for Actions and Fortnight of Action 2012.

Dowload Vandana Shiva’s letter, graphics and other resources:


2nd October: Seed Satyagraha

  • Identify laws in your countries and region that threaten our biodiversity, farmers’ rights, Seed Freedom and Food Freedom and send them to us: info[@]

  • Organise a worldwide civil disobedience against unjust seed laws in the spirit of Gandhi

    Laws to look out for in your country and region

    1. Free Trade Agreements

    2. Patents on seed laws

    3. UPOV – International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants:

    4. Compulsory registration that makes diverse seed illegal

    5. Food Safety laws – Sanitary and Phyto Sanitary laws – which impose pseudo safety in the name of health and safety


12th October: March Against Monsanto

Organise protests, marches and gatherings at offices of seed multinationals and join millions marching around the world against Monsanto’s hijacking of the food system: www.march-against-monsanto.comMarch Against Monsanto Facebook


16th October: World Food Day Celebrations & Honouring Real Food Heroes

Celebrations for World Food Day

Celebrate Seed and Food Freedom everywhere, with friends, family and in your community.  Please share your ideas for World Food Day with us!

The Real World Food Prize – Honouring Real Food Heroes

  • Identify individuals in your community or in the world who make an outstanding contribution in the defence and promotion of Seed Freedom and Food Freedom


2-16 October: Start GMOFree – Seed Freedom Zones and Gardens of Hope

  • Declare a Seed Freedom Zone within your home, institution, village or municipality, which does not recognise patents on seed

  • Create Gardens of Hope – make every garden a seed sanctuary

  • Use the Law of The Seed as a tool for advocacy at local, regional or national levels to pass laws that respect biodiversity and farmers rights and undo laws that violate our Seed Freedom and Food Freedom. Download Law of The Seed: English; Italiano


If you are not part of a local food system, use this Fortnight of Action to create your Food Freedom by seeking out your local producers who grow GMO-Free organic food and promote Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).



Kosher certification bans all GMO ingredients

Kosher certification bans all GMO ingredients

Daisy Luther The Organic Prepper, 25 Apr 2013


One group after another is denouncing the genetically modified poison on grocery store shelves, adding to the chorus of voices demanding real untainted food.

Natural Food Certifiers has announced today that any food product that contains GMOs is no longer eligible to be certified as kosher under their “Apple K” kosher certification program. A press release stated:

NFC was very proud to introduce the first “Natural Only” kosher supervision” said NFC Director Rabbi Reuven Flamer. “It’s a logical application of our principle, ‘Start Naturally. Stay that Way.’ Therefore, the Natural Apple K cannot be placed on a product that contains GMOs,” Flamer explained.

Image taken from

“While according to the strict letter of Kosher food law a GMO food ingredient is not prohibited, in our view it is not natural. Additionally, there is a Torah (religious)based law to “guard your health”. GMOs are the number-one growing concern among health-conscious consumers and for businesses in the natural and organic food market, as well as in the conventional food industry,” said Rabbi Flamer.

“Recent studies show that GMOs may cause various kinds of health problems from digestive disturbances to food allergies, and that GMOs require more herbicides, which is really the opposite reason why GMOs were touted to be so environmentally helpful in the first place,” Rabbi Flamer added. “For all of the many reasons that GMOs raise a red flag, consumers simply don’t want them in their foods, and our clients want to accommodate their customers.”

Over the next 12 months, the company will phase out the certification of any product that contains GMO ingredients, and will no longer accept applications for certification of products that contain GMOs.

Rachel Parent debates (GMO activist), schools ignorant TV host on human rights, food labeling

14-year-old teen, GMO activist, schools ignorant TV host on human rights, food labeling

Posted by ampedin on YOUTUBE

GM foods should be labelled be it in USA or else where.

GM foods are not tested for a long period.  Independent studies on lab rats has proven tumours in rats. visit RT.COM

The TV host keeps pushing on science and trust in it. Well if that’s the case why isn’t science giving a choice to people ? It should not be a mandatory thing that we ]have. A choice on whether we like to be tested like lab rats or not should be their. GM food is not the only solution for lack of nutrition.  Better distribution of food across a nation can help malnutrition children.

Corporations testing and releasing food today is trusted by governments across various nations. Put an end to this.



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