Natak Dekho and Fight for Women’s Rights in Haryana

Natak Dekho and Fight for Women’s Rights in Haryana


In Haryana, there are only 830 girls for every 1000 boys. A normal ratio is 1050 girls for every 1000 boys.

Stop for a moment and think. Where have all the girls gone?

Through illegal technologies, the girl child is being eliminated even before she is born. The practice of Gender Biased Sex Selection is rooted in a far deeper discrimination and violence that girls face – from having to pay large dowry during marriage to restricted mobility and choice because of protecting a girls’ honor, to the desperate desire for a male heir.

Breakthrough is working in four districts in Haryana – Jhajjhar, Sonipat, Panipat and Rohtak, to challenge and reverse Gender Biased Sex Selection. Through partnerships with the Government of Haryana, the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Angandwadi Centers across the region, and Panchayat leaders (local government), Breakthrough is counteracting the deep-rooted discrimination that women face.

But no one method can work in isolation. Paving the way is our leadership trainings with young people in colleges, Anganwadi workers, and government officials and our community engagement through melas and street theater.

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Why is it that Indians kill their girl child?

Tradition and cultural beliefs have ripped apart innocent girl children in the past 20 years. Statistics say ten million female foetuses have been aborted.

Though its illegal in India Doctors make it possible for the family to carry out this crime for mere sum of money. Some reports, there are as many as 40,000 registered ultrasound clinics in India and very likely as many, or more, that are unregistered. Apart from determining the sex, several of these clinics also offer to terminate the pregnancy, again an act that is illegal.

Is it cause this child cannot defend itself ? or talk they take this advantage of? High time we stand up for the women who want to protect their girl children .


The Walk -Every Mother Counts

The Walk -Every Mother Counts

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‘The Walk’ aims to raise awareness for the hundreds of thousands of girls and women who die each year due to complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. It highlights a very specific barrier to safe pregnancy and child-bearing – access to transportation and life saving care.


Man walks 40 km through forest with pregnant wife on shoulder

Man walks 40 km through forest with pregnant wife on shoulder


In an effort to save his pregnant wife and their child, a man walked through forest for about 40 kms in heavy rains carrying the ailing woman on his shoulders to get her to a hospital, but failed to save the baby.

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The tribal youth, Ayyappan, carrying his seven-month pregnant wife, Sudha set off for the hospital from the Konni forests on Tuesday last by about 6 AM in heavy rains.

Ayappan walked to Kokkathod, said to be about 40 km from the place he was staying in the forest, and then managed to get a jeep to take his wife to Pathnamthitta district hospital by 6 PM from where she was referred to Kottayam medical college hospital as she had convulsions.

“The woman’s life had been saved since she was carried all the way, but the baby could not be saved.

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