Benefits of Coconut Oil

Benefits of Coconut Oil



Quality Seed = Better Yield-Watch how ethopian farmers increased their yield

Seed for Business (short version) – Ethiopian farmers as entrepreneurs

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Quality seed is vital for increasing agricultural production and productivity. The transformation of farmers into entrepreneurs, as facilitated by their organization into seed cooperatives, contributes to seed security and local economic development.

Comments : This video shows that in order to protect the seeds quality we need to educate the farmers make them entrepreneurs this will help in increasing the yield .

Monsanto , Bayer or Syngenta the chemical giants are not required to increase the yield but quality seed = better yield. These chemical companies are not a solution for helping us increase in production.  Stop poisoning food in the name of increasing yield. Encourage farming in traditional methods .

Grocery Store Where You Can Pick Food From Where Its Grown

Grocery Store Where You Can Pick Food From Where Its Grown

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Image a grocery store where you can actually pick the food from where it’s grown  and put it into your basket. That’s exactly what Ben Greens is trying to do in  North Carolina and the trend could spread quickly in this atmosphere of rising  food awareness. The implications for this project are huge! Check out this  video, support him and make use these ideas if you can then share with your  friends.

Comments : We need to take up such initiatives in our community . Such trends need to be encouraged which in turn would help ourselves and our local farmers.

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