Indian Farmers Protest Against Genetically Modified Food

Indian Farmers Protest Against Genetically Modified Food

By Jyotika Sood –DOWNTOEARTH

Farmers from 20 states to present  national flag made from non-Bt organic cotton to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for Independence Day.

This protest at Jantar Mantar today was unique. It had India’s national flags which were made after carefully selecting organic cotton balls from farms of Gujarat. The flags were of significance as 93 per cent of cotton grown in country is genetically modified Bt cotton and most of organic cotton is contaminated.

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For protesters this Indian flag is of importance as it does not have Monsanto’s cotton seed and a special flag has been made to be gifted to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to unfurl on August 15.

The gift is from farmers of 20 states who gathered in New Delhi today for a day-long sit-in dharna to demand ridding the country of genetically modified organisms and withdrawal of lopsided provisions in Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI) Bill, 2013, which allows easy access to GM crops in India.

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Global firms eye Pakistan for GM products

Global firms eye Pakistan for GM products


Three multinational companies have approached Pakistan‘s ministry of food security to seek licences to raise genetically-modified (GM) food products in the country, a media report said Sunday.

A senior federal government official told the Dawn newspaper that a request in this regard was received by the ministry to launch GM maize and cotton.

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Genetic modification is a biotechnological process used to make new products, particularly new types of crops.

The official said a US-based biotech company famous for BT Cotton that was resistant to certain pests was now providing different varieties of non-GM seeds and herbicides to farmers in Pakistan.

On GM food products, Asif Shuja, director general of the Pakistan Environment Protection Agency (Pak-Epa), said: “It’s a long debate as research is still continuing internationally whether the GM products have an impact on human health.”

He said many Pakistani companies have also approached the Pak-Epa for launching GM food products but the agency has not given them no-objection certificates.

“Many local companies want to import GM food products from China and we have not given any approval in this regard,” he said.

However, Jawad Chishtie, a public health and environment management specialist, told the Dawn that GM products have been rejected in Europe for damaging crops and endangering human health, and warned that effects of genetically engineered organisms were not yet known to researchers.

“They are suspected of causing dangerous allergies and even cancer,” he told the Dawn.

Chishtie said hundreds of farmers in India committed suicide after introduction of GM crops since it damaged their land.

He said seeds had “terminator” genes which did not allow the same crop to be planted again from harvested seeds.

“Once a GM agri-product is planted, farmers are trapped into buying seeds and related pesticides each and every year from the same company,” he said.

Supreme Court committee’s “NO” to GM crops in India

Vidarbha Farmers welcome Supreme Court committee’s “NO” to GM crops

Vidarbha also knows as a farm suicide capital of India is where 3 million debt trapped distressed cotton farmers who are innocent victims of first Genetically modified (GM) crop Bt.cotton commercial trials resulting more than 10,800 farmers suicides have welcomed recommendations of  Supreme Court technical expert committee imposing an indefinite moratorium on the field trials of Genetically Modified (GM) crops till the government comes out with a proper regulatory and safety mechanism.

After 2004 when Indian Govt.  allowed very rain sensitive Bt.cotton commercial trials which has proved as disaster as Technology was suitable for dry land cotton farmers and successive bt.cotton crop failure and mounting debt has started farm suicide spiral which is till continued and this truth was confirmed by Indian parliamentary committee headed by Basudeo Achaya MP reports too but cartel in Agri. Ministry and close liaison of MNCs  has been able push GM crops even after this vidarbha farmers’ genocide  hence we are indebted with  Supreme Court technical expert committee historic decision”

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Comments : Dr.Vandana Shiva explains how Monsanto has ruined the lives of these farmers and their families . BT seeds are patent in nature. BT-crops is not a miracle seed and requires more pesticides .

Marketing teams/Agents end up exploiting the lack of education these farmers have and target their land and make these farmers fall into debt . In the end the crops don’t also give double the yield as promised by their agent which in turn forces them to give up their life .

Solution to end these mass suicides is simple .

1.Governments should put a ban on these commercialized seeds and promote organic farming, fertilizers etc.

2.Release subsidies to these farmers due to the natural damage that can occur either by insects , natural disasters or any other factors .

3.Banks loans should be strictly be regulated and the sales team should not falsely market the products in order to achieve their targets.

4.Farmers should be educated on organic farming and natural fertilizers that can be used .

5.Crop rotation should be encouraged , which will help the land give better yield and helps the soil to be nutritious.

If the above is implemented our food cycle will be pure and our immunity will be stronger. Our medical expenses would reduce as well. As we know food is the key to ones health .

To conclude : “Let’s help our farmers to save ourselves”

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