A beautiful farmers love story amongst the Ceylon tea fields.


A beautiful love story of two farmers who share their work and enjoy in what they do. How much of us enjoy in what we do today? How much of us share our work with our wife/husband. ? Watch this beautiful story of Piyasena and his wife Ariyawatha and get enlightened.
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Grocery Store Where You Can Pick Food From Where Its Grown

Grocery Store Where You Can Pick Food From Where Its Grown

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Image a grocery store where you can actually pick the food from where it’s grown  and put it into your basket. That’s exactly what Ben Greens is trying to do in  North Carolina and the trend could spread quickly in this atmosphere of rising  food awareness. The implications for this project are huge! Check out this  video, support him and make use these ideas if you can then share with your  friends.
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Comments : We need to take up such initiatives in our community . Such trends need to be encouraged which in turn would help ourselves and our local farmers.

Honey Bees from India – Amazing Facts

Honey Bees from India –

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Comments : Learn amazing facts of honey bees. A must watch video.

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