Only A Hungry Man Can Understand The Pain Of Hunger

Only A Hungry Man Can Understand The Pain Of Hunger 

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Emotional Care For Children After Disaster

Emotional Care For Children After Disaster

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Comments : Children may or can undergo experiences where they might need assistance in various levels. We need to educate them . Create an environment where they can communicate and generate an atmosphere of ease . This in turn will help the children to approach THEIR parents/relatives/well wishers easily.

For instances like abuse in majority of the cases it’s a family member or  a neighbor who is involved  . If we are parents /siblings who do not listen or teach our children basic protection they might not find it easy to communicate it with us which in turn would create more issues for them and they would be victims of repeated abuse.

In order to protect them we need to make sure all the needed care is given . A beautiful picture illustrating on how we go about is shown above .

Kalpana’s Favour To Save Children By Encouraging Parents To Breast Feed Their Children


It has been a long journey for Kalpana Vishwakarma. She got married when she was 14 years old, delivered her first child at 17, followed by two more, and bore the torture of living with an alcoholic husband from whom she managed to escape.

At 29, she is aged beyond her years, but you can sense the satisfaction in her smile as villagers of Rajghat come to greet and bless her for her work.  Kalpana has helped hundreds of babies in Rajghat to get a better start to their lives.


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“Whichever home I visit today, the children are healthy, and therein lies my happiness. I feel proud of my work, and what gives me even more satisfaction is that my parents are so proud of me,” she says getting a little emotional.

“I can feel that my confidence and self-esteem grow with each passing day. People treat me with respect and listen to what I have to say,” she adds.

It took multiple door-to-door visits, counselling with pregnant and lactating women, and meeting with husbands and mothers-in-law for people to finally trust Kalpana’s messages.

“My biggest challenge was superstition. Here the practise was to feed the child water and later cow’s milk. When I started to approach mothers with messages about the importance of breastfeeding their children within the first hour, some commented with sarcasm that I was too educated,”says Kalpana.

Prem Kumari, a young mother in the village, still remembers  how Kalpana’s advice helped her daughter grow up healthy. “Anushka was low birth weight (less than 2500gms) at birth and our relatives told us to feed her cow’s milk to put on weight.

Kalpana strictly advised my mother-in-law and me to breastfeed her instead, and said that alone would help the child. Unlike other underweight babies in the village, my daughter did not fall ill”. “Seeing cases like Prem Kumari’s convinced others to listen to us,” explains proudly.

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