Chennai Youth Timez

Chennai Youth Timez is a platform where Past, Current and Future issues will be discussed. It’s envisioned to create awareness among the general public on what can be done and where to reach, in order to aid the fellow people.

Key issues that we would be focusing, would be news on organic farming, vaccines today, dowry, rape survivors, child abuse etc..

By 2015 we expect the 1st edition of the C-YT to be out and distributed in Chennai International Airport ,Central Railways ,Metro stations , Books Stores and Petrol Stations for FREE . In order to accomplish that dream launch and reach people, we are planning to use  this BLOG as a medium to create global readers which would help us attract investments and help from various organizations, entrepreneurs, industrialists etc. Advertisements would be our main source of income.

We expect wonders ahead, as this is a unique project which is solely intended to uplift the standard of living of the present and future citizens in the country and elsewhere. We hope this effort will bring a positive change in the way of thinking, approach, and reactions towards  societal issues that needs special attention.

We are not against any government entity OR  political party.


Please note that all third-party links that are displayed on this blog do not necessarily represent my ideas and my beliefs. And I cannot guarantee the authenticity of the information displayed on those links. The links are listed as I found some resources on them to be helpful.

Currently we are more of a source blog.



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