Only A Hungry Man Can Understand The Pain Of Hunger

Only A Hungry Man Can Understand The Pain Of Hunger 

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Breast Feeding Vs Formula Feeding

Breast Feeding Vs Formula Feeding

Breastfeeding is one of most natural methods that helps the mother establish a bond with their child . It’s highly criticised for various factors among families , friends etc .

Lets look into the benefits of breast-feeding against formula fed baby.

1. Always remember that breastfeeding is the best for both you and your child. There are advantages for both you and the child as long as you continue to breastfeed.

2. It is more “normal” than Western society wants to admit. In most of the world’s cultures, breast-feeding continues for at least 2 years. In fact, we all would not be here if the many centuries of women before us chose notto breastfeed!

3. Formula is simply not as good as breast milk. The formula companies even put this on the cans! Don’t fool yourself. It is a substitute…that is all.

4. Many of today’s grandmothers were raising children during a time when women longed to be “liberated.” Formula companies spent MILLIONS of dollars trying to convince them that formula feeding was the answer. It is not. They were just victims of good marketing. Patiently educategrandmothers on the benefits of breastfeeding and you might be surprised by the change in attitude.

5. Your breast milk is the only thing your baby needs for the first six months of life and you are the only one that can provide it. That is a beautiful thing!

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A research conducted by DUKE STUDY is added along with this post for a detailed study.

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Through this post  we would want to encourage mothers to continue breast-feeding as this is the best for the child and there is nothing that can replace this for a growing child.


Emotional Care For Children After Disaster

Emotional Care For Children After Disaster

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Comments : Children may or can undergo experiences where they might need assistance in various levels. We need to educate them . Create an environment where they can communicate and generate an atmosphere of ease . This in turn will help the children to approach THEIR parents/relatives/well wishers easily.

For instances like abuse in majority of the cases it’s a family member or  a neighbor who is involved  . If we are parents /siblings who do not listen or teach our children basic protection they might not find it easy to communicate it with us which in turn would create more issues for them and they would be victims of repeated abuse.

In order to protect them we need to make sure all the needed care is given . A beautiful picture illustrating on how we go about is shown above .

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