TRADE WARS- World Trade Organization Forces Russia To Import GMO Seeds

World Trade Organization Forces Russia To Import GMO Seeds 


If you have ever wondered just how far up the political food chain the GMO industrialists throw their bloated weight, you can look to the World Trade Organization (WTO). It is here that regulations which define membership with the WTO will now force Russia to import genetically modified organisms (GMO).

Russia has been trying to become a part of the WTO for 18 years with multiple heated negotiations, but you can bet they weren’t prepared for the small print in the WTOs member documents.  What’s worse is that, in line with WTO regulations, Russia will have to enable producers of GMO to sell and label the product as any other – without a specific GMO label, which states that the product contains genetically modified ingredients.

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Activists and environmentalists are practically choleric about this new development. Anti-GMO rallies are at an all time high in the country with the release of this news. Not unlike the country of Bhutan – many would like to make Russia a GMO-free zone. Activists plan to present President Vladimir Putin with over a million signatures requesting a non-GMO country. In recent planned demonstrations Moscow authorities would only allow people to picket, but not formally march to protest the WTO’s GMO poison being politically asserted into their food supply.

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Comments :  Power of corporations are clearly visible. We cannot go against GMO in one nation alone and accept in another one. Today we are dependent a lot on imports as well.



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