10 Problems Genetically Modified Foods Are Already Causing

10 Problems Genetically Modified Foods Are Already Causing

1.Distract from Healthy, Environmentally Friendly Technologies

2.Harm Biodiversity

3.Revolving Door between Government and Biotech Workers

4.Little Government Oversight

5.Increased Suicide Rates

6.It’s Illegal to Accidentally Grow a GM Plant

7.Cross-Pollination Contaminates Regular Crops

8.Farmers Can’t Harvest Seeds

9.Kill Bees and Butterflies

10.Create Superbugs and Super weeds

Comments : All the above facts show clearly that from planting the crop to its harvest the farmers are not benefited neither nature nor the people consuming it . It is only the corporation who benefits with the introduction of the genetically modified crops. Promote organic food, traditional farming, support local farmers these factors will help in having healthy food on your plate.

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A beautiful farmers love story amongst the Ceylon tea fields.


A beautiful love story of two farmers who share their work and enjoy in what they do. How much of us enjoy in what we do today? How much of us share our work with our wife/husband. ? Watch this beautiful story of Piyasena and his wife Ariyawatha and get enlightened.
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A Commerce Ex-lecturer Convert 25 Acres of Barren Land Into A Lush Green Farm?

How Did A Commerce Ex-lecturer Convert 25 Acres of Barren Land Into A Lush Green Farm? 

By Aarti Kelkar-Khambete  THEBETTERINDIA

This story of the untiring efforts of a commerce ex-lecturer to convert twenty-five acres of a barren piece of land into a self sustainable green farm, provides an ideal example of a model for rainwater harvesting and demonstrates how persistence and the sheer determination to go on till the end, can yield miraculous results.

AR FARMS AT PRESENT (Courtesy Thebetterindia.com)

From Mangalore in Heroor village, Kundapur, Udupi district in Karnataka is an example of the sheer grit and determination of a person with no background in agriculture, in fact a Commerce ex-lecturer, who through his persistent experimentation and research was able to apply principles of rainwater harvesting in his farm, which led to miraculous results and to the transformation of a barren piece of land into a model for rainwater harvesting.

Richard Rebello. It is indeed difficult to believe that the farm which is now full of vegetation, tall green grass, cashew nut trees, coconut, pepper, pineapples, areca nut, banana, was once a barren land without water. The two borewells and the three open wells in the farm are now full of water.

To read the full story Click here 

Comments : Sir Richard Rebello is a  role model farmer for all . We need to make sure our farmers are educated in these type of agricultural methods which helps us harvest with rain water. Most of our crops get destroyed every year due to lack of water. Rain water harvesting is one of most vital techniques that needs to be adapted . Its not the lack of water that we have , its the lack of techniques the farmers adapt to save and manage water.

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