When Asaram Has Different Laws In India

When Asaram Has Different Laws In India

The Asaram “Bapu” meaning father figure who is also a self claimed spiritual Guru has been on the news for a while now . Not for his spiritual activities but for having sexually assaulted a teenager.

Why is it that Asaram Bapu is treated above law for the crime that was committed?  Probably the Indian government is not able to take up more controversial cases as they have accused in their jails who haven’t been proven guilty for instance the delhi gang rape.

When is it that India is going to turn out to be a place for women to live? The corrupt minds of politicians and there personal interests has costed us safety of women and one the worst countries to live as a women.

The day justice is served to people be it poor or rich this country will take steps to progress OR will head to worse similar to the currency fall that we face today.

Let’s wake up to reality !



Illiterate farmer designs Water Mill to generate Electricity

Illiterate farmer designs Water Mill to generate Electricity


Siddappa, an illiterate farmer from a small village in India has designed a water mill to generate electricity. From concept to realisation, the farmer did everything on his own. Using simple materials and low-tech solutions he managed to harvest 150 watts of energy from the water mill that he constructed in a canal near his house. Plastic buckets on a wheel are filled by flowing water and put in motion the mill that is connected to a dynamo. Siddappa’s hopes his invention will inspire his fellow villagers

Siddappa’s advise “Many people who have canals flowing near their villages don’t know how to use that natural gift. I want to show them all practically that electricity problems can be solved by being creative. There is no need to beg to the government for everything”





Image taken from nextcity.org

Auto-rickshaws in Chennai will be fitted with new meters with global positioning system (GPS) and an electronic digital printer, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa said Sunday.

She said in a statement: “For the first time in India, auto-rickshaws plying in Chennai will be fitted with GPS and electronic digital printer, free of cost, by the government, involving an outlay of Rs.80 crore.”

She said commuters will be given a receipt with the distance travelled and the tariff rate.

“The operation of the auto-rickshaws will also be monitored effectively,” she added.

The meter, she said, will have a ‘panic button’ so that a passenger can press it in case of any danger. The device enables monitoring by a control centre.

She said the government has fixed the minimum tariff rate at Rs.25 for the first 1.8 km and Rs.12 for every additional km. The revised tariff will be effective from Sunday.

The auto-rickshaw tariff in Chennai was last revised in 2007

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