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Children play carefree

Monsters glare from the shadows

Angels wanted – apply

My 100th post – Haiku dedicated to Bachpan Bachao Andolan – Save the Childhood Movement.Their mission is ‘To identify, liberate, rehabilitate and educate children in servitude through direct intervention, child and community participation, coalition building, consumer action, promoting ethical trade practices and mass mobilisation.’


They have rescued 82808 children from from bonded labour and slavery since 1980 till today. Watch their video that went viral recently here

I wanted to write a bigger article, but, wordpress inspired me with the Haiku Challenge

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Child Rights-Know Your Rights

Child Rights-Know Your Rights

The Rose


We have come across various instances where children are abused by teachers at school and are severely injured. Is this accordance to the law? Can such punishments be accepted ? Teach your children their rights.  Watch this beautiful video where it explains how children are effected by corporal punishment and how it may take a toll on them.

Treat children with patience and be gentle .

Girl population falls across Mumbai, experts blame sex selection

Girl population falls across Mumbai, experts blame sex selection


The city has undergone a sea change in recent years but its societal attitudes have stubbornly stayed the same. A ward-level analysis of the latest Census data reveals that 20 of Mumbai’s 24 municipal wards experienced a decline in child sex ratio since 2001.


The WorliPrabhadevi region, where traditional chawls gave way to skyscrapers, recorded the highest drop in child sex ratio in a decade. For every 1,000 boys, it had 931 girls in 2001 but just 899 in 2011. The picture remained dismal all around. In south Mumbai’s Dongri-Umarkhadi stretch, where considerable redevelopment took place, the ratio fell by 28 points to 907 girls per 1,000 boys.

Read full article : TOI

Comments : In most parts of India, sex-selective practices are more common among the more  educated and richer families, which have the knowledge and the resources to  discreetly carry out the practice.”

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