Illiterate farmer designs Water Mill to generate Electricity

Illiterate farmer designs Water Mill to generate Electricity


Siddappa, an illiterate farmer from a small village in India has designed a water mill to generate electricity. From concept to realisation, the farmer did everything on his own. Using simple materials and low-tech solutions he managed to harvest 150 watts of energy from the water mill that he constructed in a canal near his house. Plastic buckets on a wheel are filled by flowing water and put in motion the mill that is connected to a dynamo. Siddappa’s hopes his invention will inspire his fellow villagers

Siddappa’s advise “Many people who have canals flowing near their villages don’t know how to use that natural gift. I want to show them all practically that electricity problems can be solved by being creative. There is no need to beg to the government for everything”



10 Problems Genetically Modified Foods Are Already Causing

10 Problems Genetically Modified Foods Are Already Causing

1.Distract from Healthy, Environmentally Friendly Technologies

2.Harm Biodiversity

3.Revolving Door between Government and Biotech Workers

4.Little Government Oversight

5.Increased Suicide Rates

6.It’s Illegal to Accidentally Grow a GM Plant

7.Cross-Pollination Contaminates Regular Crops

8.Farmers Can’t Harvest Seeds

9.Kill Bees and Butterflies

10.Create Superbugs and Super weeds

Comments : All the above facts show clearly that from planting the crop to its harvest the farmers are not benefited neither nature nor the people consuming it . It is only the corporation who benefits with the introduction of the genetically modified crops. Promote organic food, traditional farming, support local farmers these factors will help in having healthy food on your plate.


Indian Farmers Protest Against Genetically Modified Food

Indian Farmers Protest Against Genetically Modified Food

By Jyotika Sood –DOWNTOEARTH

Farmers from 20 states to present  national flag made from non-Bt organic cotton to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for Independence Day.

This protest at Jantar Mantar today was unique. It had India’s national flags which were made after carefully selecting organic cotton balls from farms of Gujarat. The flags were of significance as 93 per cent of cotton grown in country is genetically modified Bt cotton and most of organic cotton is contaminated.

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For protesters this Indian flag is of importance as it does not have Monsanto’s cotton seed and a special flag has been made to be gifted to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to unfurl on August 15.

The gift is from farmers of 20 states who gathered in New Delhi today for a day-long sit-in dharna to demand ridding the country of genetically modified organisms and withdrawal of lopsided provisions in Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI) Bill, 2013, which allows easy access to GM crops in India.

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