When The Dance Bars Open Again In Mahrashtra

The Supreme Court on Tuesday allowed dance bars in Maharashtra to reopen, eight years after they were shut down by the state government

The court upheld an earlier Bombay High Court order that allowed dance bar owners to reapply for licences.

“It is about the fundamental right to earn a living and if someone knows only dancing, they should be able to exercise the right to earn a living through that,” Flavia Agnes, a lawyer who had earlier represented the bar dancer commented.

“We are very happy with the Supreme Court’s decision,” she said.

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The dance bars, operating mostly in cities and towns, employed an estimated 75,000 women to entertain customers. They danced to popular Bollywood numbers and accepted money from clients who showered them with rupee notes.

Women activists and lawyers representing dancers were among those who said the government’s stand is sexist and prohibits women from earning a living without providing them with any other employment opportunities.

Comments : It’s ironic that they passed such a judgement . In the year 2005, they ordered dance bars to be closed as it was considered as a tool for prostitution and today they order for it to re-open in the name of employment! Is this the new strategy to raise the Indian economy since investments are low and money is being pulled out of the nation? Isn’t  the government able to come up with any other alternative jobs for women?

Above all the “women’s right activists”  are happy about this decision as 75,000+ women would be re-employed. Has the value and respect  for women in our society gone down so much that even women’s rights activists encourage such decisions? Are we going to accept this “change” ? Few months back, when a lady was brutally raped there was a huge out burst . Now the court rules to legalize dance bars where drunkards who wouldn’t  be in their senses would be throwing money at them and molesting them “Legally“!

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4 Responses to When The Dance Bars Open Again In Mahrashtra

  1. pthakur says:

    Well, when the government says that dance bars are opened in the name of employment, them it is a good thing for both Indian economy and the girls. I agree with Easwar that adequate protection must be provided to them… If everything went as planned then the dance bars wouldn’t have closed in the first place. The major concern is the unheard voices of these girls behind the scenes. With such brutal and dirty mentality of such men, these girls face a very hard time … and it is because of these men only that this country has gained an ill-reputation of being unsafe for women!

    • adz25 says:

      In a country where women are not safe on streets how can we imagine the same govt protect women at dance bars ? They blame the dress code of these women when they are raped on streets.. so what would happen if the women at dance bars are assaulted ?probably they would say it was their choice ?

  2. While the dance girls cannot be gainfully employed elsewhere, the state govt should give adequate protection to them, given the brutal mind-set of some men.

    • adz25 says:

      We very well know they (Indian Govt. has failed to protect women) and the continuous crime against women is helping us realize. With regards to protection would we leave a goat in a hungry lions cage ? Similar is the situation of these men who go to dance bars ..

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