Delhi gang-rape: First verdict deferred to Aug 5th -Is This How Fast Track Court Works In India ??

Delhi gang-rape: First verdict  deferred to Aug 5th

Delhi gang-rape that led to a nationwide protest is still pending . It was said that the case would be taken up by a fast track court. Now is this how fast our courts can get??

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It was on December 16th 2012 the  young woman was raped and brutalized before dumping her body naked on the roadside. The woman died from her injuries two weeks later in a Singapore hospital. And our court is busy that suspects over 16 years of age accused of serious offenses such as rape and murder should be a tried as adults.

This case has made a progress to this stage after the nationwide protest. What about the women who have been raped in other states? Should the citizens come out on streets and protest each time?  Do we have to push the courts until the final verdict is issued??




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