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There was a time she had to hide her identity to pursue schooling, but she is now not only looked up to by the sex workers she fights for but is also respected by the common public and the government. Today, she proudly calls herself the “daughter of a brothel”.

Naseema, 28, a social activist from Muzaffarpur’s red-light area — Chaturbhuj Sthan — fought with pimps, police and clerics to convince them that concerted development and special programmes, not “ineffective” government rehabilitation, was the solution to prostitution. Now 50 other girls have quit their profession to join in Naseema’s pursuit.

Their main job is to bring dignity to this oldest human profession. They have started a non government organization called ‘Parcham‘ for their united fight. And to voice their sufferings and concerns they publish India‘s only fully handwritten monthly magazine ‘Jugnu‘ which has found subscribers all over the world. This is a unique magazine published by sex workers.

This film revolves around these girls and their activities. Their personal trauma and redemption. Their rescue of trafficked girls, sending them back home, negotiating with parents when they do not want their child back because of their tainted image, saving the red light districts when villagers with the help of local government tried to eliminate them by setting entire area on fire.


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