Crimes Against Women In India

Crimes Against Women In India

Source : National Crime Records Bureau

A country should progress as years pass by . Lets learn how much India has progressed in the last couple of years against the fight to end crimes against women .

The map below shows the details obtained by National Crime Records Bureau . The table is put up in order to create awareness among the general public to know more about the surrounding that they live in and on how safe our country is for women.

The table shows a detail statistics from 2008-2012 where it’s clearly showing the rise in crimes against women in India. To read and download the entire report please click here





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6 Responses to Crimes Against Women In India

  1. Saru Singhal says:

    That shows our regression.

  2. InnerDialect says:

    Thank you for a sensitve post here that says it all…

  3. Education is the need of the hour. That and a sea change in the attitude towards women.

    • adz25 says:

      Dear Sumeetha,

      Education should change situations in a country . But this is not the case with India I must say. Kerala is one of the states in India which has 100% rate in literacy. But the 10k crimes against women is reported. This helps us understand that its not education but attitude in ones culture which has to be changed . The culture and tradition where women has been degraded over various factors is the main cause.

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