Girl Rejects Proposal And Gets Attacked By Acid

Girl Rejects Proposal And Gets Attacked By Acid 

The Supreme Court in India has ruled that the sale of acid needs to be regulated, to reduce attacks against women. One of the people who campaigned for stricter rules was Laxmi, who was attacked with acid after refusing a marriage proposal.

Al Jazeera’s Anu Anand reports from New Delhi.

Video source : AlJazeeraEnglish on YOUTUBE


Note : *This report contains pictures that some viewers might find disturbing.*

Comments : Gender violence is very common in India . To curb this menace we not only need laws but we need people to act upon it , which can only happen if the perpetrators are punished time to time.  Many women have lost their lives.

In order to protect women at our home and outside we need to raise our voice and stop this evil act ! Support women who have been abused , help them by being present physically which will give them mental strength , support their families , financial help is also required in some situations. Analyse and react from situation to situation . Start from your own neighbourhood so that the women can have a safer tomorrow.



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6 Responses to Girl Rejects Proposal And Gets Attacked By Acid

  1. The SC has done its part. But why the Govt is hesitant to take some concrete action.

    • adz25 says:

      SC should be authorized to punish the govt. who has not taken strict action..this might help in bringing changes.

  2. Harsha says:

    Our Spineless Govt. and Judiciary is good for nothing..They can’t do anything to control Crime..So I guess its the Prime responsibility of the Citizens to work against such crimes..

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