Lake Warriors-In Urban India

Lake Warriors-In Urban India

When the City of Thousand Lakes is destroyed in the name of development and just one hundred and eighty lakes remain, citizens such as Usha Rajagopalan and Arbind Gupta take it upon themselves to start a revolution.Usha and her neighbours are restoring lake Puttenahalli in Bangalore with help from the community and from the civic authorities. From diverting rain water and clearing up storm water drains, to stopping the inflow of sewage to creating an avian sanctuary: this is a long journey, but one that will see the locality transformed.

Supporting the work of individuals such as Usha is Arbind Gupta which connects lake warriors with crucial information, research, experts and agencies that can help them restore their local lakes.

Lakes are crucial to recharging fast-depleting ground water tables and avoiding flooding during monsoons in urban India.
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