Anandi Pads – A Creative And Eco-friendly Solution To An Age-Old Taboo

TBI Innovations: ‘Anandi’ Pads – A Creative And Eco-friendly Solution To An Age-Old Taboo

Did you know in rural India its difficult to find menstrual hygiene products. So the next question would be what do these  300million women in India use instead  at that time of the month?  They  make use of dirty rags, bark, ash and mud instead. Why is it that they don’t use the general sanitary napkins we all know of ?The reasons for this dire situation are a lack of awareness, availability, and affordability; not to mention issues that arise with disposal (AC Nielson report, 2011)All of these are coupled with the cultural taboo attached to menstruation in our country where menstruating women are considered to be ‘impure’

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To change the above situation Jaydeep Mandal and Sombodhi Ghosh – the founders of Aakar Innovations –  have developed a low-cost sanitary napkin manufacturing machine that produces bio-degradable pulp fiber sanitary napkins comparable in quality to MNC products.

Aakar is a platform integrator where, through the setting up of sanitary napkin production units, it offers livelihood opportunities to rural women and also creates sales and distribution models through village-level women entrepreneurs.They were inspired by India’s very own ‘sanitary pad man’ Arunachalam Muruganantham, and supported by Prof. Anil Gupta and the National Innovation Foundation (NIF). Collaborating with the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and NIF, after several rounds of experimentation they devised a machine which manufactures bio-degradable sanitary napkins using agri-wastes such as banana fiber, bagasse, bamboo and water hyacinth as raw materials.

At just Rs. 2 per napkin; the sanitary napkins marketed under the brand name‘Anandi’ (meaning joy and happiness) are available at a price point 40% lower than the lowest market competitor. These napkins are UV rays sterilized and adhere to BIS standards for sanitary napkins, making them an ideal and reliable solution to the current unhygienic alternatives that women and pubescent girls in the country resort to.

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  1. Months back, the Tamilnadu Govt made arrangements to supply free napkins to village women. I was a bit puzzled at the time. Now, I know the reasons after reading this post.

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