Domestic Violence against Women – An Awareness Campaign (Language Urdu and English)

Domestic Violence against Women – An Awareness Campaign

The video is done by SZABIST students in Pakistan . A beautiful initiative to help abuse women speak up and let their feelings out. Most of the crimes that occur day-to-day is not being reported. Women need to step up and come out . Hopefully campaigns like these creates awareness and help women get justice and rights they deserve.

Video : Language Urdu and English .

Directed by: Syed Raza Arif
Production and Editing: Fakhar Ahmed
Creative and Assitant Dop: Sarmad Latif Mahar
BTS Photography and Logistics: Imran Khattak
Casting: Muzna Qamar
Makeup and Art Direction: Azmeena Rahmatullah

A campaign by the ASTERISK* group.

*Please note: These are NOT real bruises – they have been created with makeup.


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4 Responses to Domestic Violence against Women – An Awareness Campaign (Language Urdu and English)

  1. My Say says:

    really touched !! this is a great initiative by the the team .. really inspiring !! Not all men are inhuman .. the men themselves are asking about the injury make -up !!

    • adz25 says:

      Yeah well edited video. Up to the point. hopefully women have a safer 2mrw. We are trying to raise awareness in order to show how women feel when they are hurt.hopefully we can put up more videos. And see a initiative around the community to help .

  2. iExpressBlog says:

    A great initiative indeed! We need people from all across the globe to fight against domestic violence and oppression of women. Good luck with the campaign. We are with you!

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