When A Pimp Reached Through Instagram And Forced A Florida Model To Be A Sex Slave

Florida model allegedly lured to New York on Instagram and forced to be sex slave



A Florida model was lured to New York after being wooed by a Brooklyn man Instagram, but her trip took a sinister turn when she was forced to be a sex slave, according to police sources.

She was lured to New York with promises of cash and gifts, but a naive Florida model ended up a sex slave and pimped out to johns by a Brooklyn man who wooed her on Instagram.

The 23-year-old woman’s pleasure trip to New York turned into a 12-day tour of hell, in which she was forced to turn tricks in hotel rooms under constant threats of death, police sources told the Daily News Monday.

Suspect Kevon Attz, 28, came off as an angel in his Instagram messages to the victim, but he turned out to be a devil when she accepted his invitation and $150 in travel expenses to come north, sources said.

“She said (Attz) told her that he would beat her, kill her or throw her in the river if she does not engage in prostitution,” according to a criminal complaint.

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Reports indicate that on July 6 the woman was able to call her mother in Florida and ask for money. When Attz found out, he and Melissa took the woman to the check cashing place to recover the funds. While Melissa left the store for a brief moment, the alleged victim told the store manager that she was being kidnapped. The store manager called police and they arrived a short time later
Cops said the Instagram picture she posted caught Attz’s eye, and he began messaging her false promises that he would financially take care of her and her children if she came to New York.

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Comments :  we need to be cautious about using  any social networking website . We could be a victim tomorrow. Creating awareness among your neighbours and friends and spreading awareness can avoid such situations from repeating.


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9 Responses to When A Pimp Reached Through Instagram And Forced A Florida Model To Be A Sex Slave

  1. pthakur says:

    Gives me goosebumps to think that this can happen to anybody!!

  2. My Say says:

    Humanity is stooping down to hell and beneath ..this is inhuman !! We think only India has demons around.

  3. Thanks for sharing the info. It’s a sort of caution or alarm bell to those who take social net works for granted.

  4. jmsabbagh says:

    Excellent post .young people should learn a great lesson from this ugly crime.

  5. Harsha says:

    Social Media is a boon but if you are not aware of its side effects..It can put us in lots of trouble…That’s the reason why I keep myself away from social media as much as possible..

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