Racial And Physical Abuse On African Descendent In Bangalore

Racial And Physical Abuse On African Descendent In Bangalore  

African descendent  Wandoh was abused physically on road by the locals in Bangalore. He was attacked by a group who completed it with a racial abuse. – Wandoh Timothi  was riding his bike when the locals where driving rash in zig-zag manner . On seeing this he advised them to drive carefully so no one is hurt . To his surprise they replied calling him a “negro” and continued to shout at him expecting him to be sorry for what he said. They attackers added he had no rights as he was a foreigner . People near by who knew Wando very well advised to stop and leave it so he did as his well wishers advised. To his surprise the attackers turned off the bike he was driving and started to assault him physically .

Image taken from atgozlugu.com

Almost immediately, he was surrounded by 10 more people, who kicked and punched him lying on the ground. This went on for 8-10 minutes while the shop-keepers and pedestrians stood by and watched

The victim is married to an Indian citizen and they have two young daughters.

Comments : We need to make sure the community is safe for all , not just for the local citizens  but for the foreigners as well.

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