Chemical Companies Monsanto and Dow Chemical Must Pay For Agent Orange Victims

Chemical Companies Monsanto and Dow Chemical Must Pay For Agent Orange Victims


By Debbie M. Lord

The Korean Supreme Court has ruled that chemical companies Monsanto and Dow Chemical must pay 39 Korean Vietnam War veterans $415,000 for certain skin diseases they suffered when they came into contact with the defoliant Agent Orange.

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According to a story from Agence France-Presse, the court also sent back to a lower court for review, a 2006 case that ordered the U.S. firms to pay a total of 63  billion ($61 million) in compensation to 6,795 South Korean veterans and their  families.

The  veterans who won the court ruling had complained that Agent Orange was responsible for skin  diseases such as “chemical acne,” shown to be caused by exposure to the dioxin in Agent Orange.

South Korea sent some 300,000 troops to fight with the United States and South Vietnam during the war.

Veterans in South Korea  estimate the number of Korean victims of Agent Orange at  about 150,000


Agent Orange was a dirty chemical warfare used by the U.S. military during the Vietnam War which lasted 10 years. 1961-1971. Vietnam estimated the death toll to be 400,000 and 500,000 born with birth defects .As usual the United States government denied these statistics which was given .

The whole world looks up to Amercia for what? They have killed innocent , destabilized nations, destroyed families and they continue to do so. World media does not look into the war crimes they have commited in the entire history and as a result they continue to do so. Probably the media acts blind or it is that they support these war crimes against the innocent.

People need to wake up and not support the media. In result they would start bringing out the truth .

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  1. It is incumbent upon the Media to take up such humane issues and fight for them.

    • adz25 says:

      True..hopefully the media changes its approach for the people and covers quality news rather than celebrity , poltics masala etc ..which is hardly educating the public .

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