Malala Yousafzai speech in full -Ensuring free compulsory education for every child.

Malala Yousafzai speech in full

Source : BBCWorldNewsWatch posted on Youtube.

Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai has addressed the United Nations as part of her campaign to ensure free compulsory education for every child.


The above video has inspired many . Hopefully this brings some light into the communities where the women and girl children are denied justice. Women need to be educated. There is no religion that does not permit this. Any extremists against educating girl children should realize she was not representing herself as an individual but for a whole community that has been suffering this abuse.

Hopefully people realize and take initiatives to help and encourage girl children to be educated.

Girl children is denied un-equal rights in various parts of the world. In India girl children are considered as a burden to the family since the day they are born . The culture of mistreating girls pervades everywhere in India.

Indian culture dictates that boys are just more important than girls. When boys are born there’s a celebration, but when girls are born the ritual is the same as for a funeral . Families end up killing their children from the womb , some sell their children and in majority of the cases when the mother would want to keep the child the mother is divorced or burnt and killed using extreme measures.

We need to stand for the justice women need to serve with in order to have a better community to live in. Education is one of the first steps. Denying it does not help the progress of any nation.

 Text of Malala’s speech at UN

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