Hospitals in China Advertise Sale of Unwanted Babies

Hospitals in China Advertise Sale of Unwanted Babies

By Annie Wu

Hospitals in central China are advertising the sale of unwanted babies, according to a report by China National Radio (CNR), an official radio station.

imagesCA11T16ZA baby boy costs 36,000 yuan (around $5,878), while a baby girl is worth 24,000 (around $3,918), the report said, referring to hospitals in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province.

The reporter dialed a phone number that accompanied advertisements for the service, posted on the walls of another hospital. Under the pretense of being interested in buying a child, the representative gave the assurance that the babies were healthy and that there were many to choose from. When asked where the babies came from, the reporter was told that they had not been kidnapped, and that most of them are unwanted children from young working mothers who are unable to take care of them

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This is not happening in China alone. In India as well children are sold , sometimes Facebook being a medium. Parents who either have kids out-of-wedlock or who do not want children should use measures that can prevent these kind of incidents. “CONDOMS” in one word!!

Creating an organization , space for selling the babies or orphanages might not get rid of these sort of incidents. Human traffickers find this an opportunity and they get the girl children specially into brothels.


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5 Responses to Hospitals in China Advertise Sale of Unwanted Babies

  1. Kavita Joshi says:

    my goodness such things happen around the world makes me sad

  2. My Say says:

    in India , some produce just to sell so they surely do not need condoms .. China . yes they could have better used protection .. as it is they rank 1

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