The So Called “REVOLUTION” In EGYPT has “DESTROYED” The Nation!!!


At first I would like to define the word “spring” means “springtime” refer to the season, and also to ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection, and regrowth.

As the media has portrayed the protests as good and political turmoil caused in various Arab countries as a good change or so-called ARAB SPRING . The people need to realize that this manner of bringing down a government has not changed any thing but destroyed all  of these nations.

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What good has it brought into any of the nations that was effected by this political turmoil for eg : countries like Turkey , Egypt , Syria ,Libya. All of these countries are still facing issues and is currently at its worst points in various aspects.

Lets go into the main issues that they face today after the so-called uprising.

Unemployment , Rapes ,Sexual abuse , eve-teasing , molesting , theft ,deaths .murder,economy downfall, lack of security, tourism has gone down , exports has reduced, no-stability etc are the main outcomes that this uprising has given the people for the cost of “FREEDOM”.

Is it for this that the people where protesting for? For the above mentioned in securities in all manners??

Some governments of countries  like Saudi Arabia , Bahrain and United Arab Emirates has handled this situation in the best manners and has made sure the people are safe at all times and arresting all those who are involved in creating a threat to their nation’s security. But the media rather than appreciating this efforts has said the human rights was denied. Isn’t the above mentioned problems more than enough to learn. We need to make sure the news covered by the media is for the benefit of a society not that which leads to destruction and instability.

To conclude. Protesting and violating rules in the name of revolution and creating instability is not a solution. People are never going to  be satisfied once they get the feeling protesting and walking down streets and using violence will help us change the government when we need. This is only going to bring the worst in the days ahead if it continues.

Article showing sexual assaults rise in egypt






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