Did You Know Air Passengers Can Carry Their Own Food?

Did You Know Air Passengers Can Carry Their Own Food?

Flight tickets are getting expensive year by year for the service they provide. Food being one of them.

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Most of us do not enjoy our flight food . While some of them do provide good meals but comes with a bigger tag. So here is what we would like to share. It’s practical you can take the meals of your choice while on board.

Worlds 3rd busiest airport Heathrow has Gordon Ramsay‘s restaurant where they serve plane food.

Gordon Ramsay Plane Food – Open 05.30 – last departing flight – From one of the worlds most renowned chefs, Gordon Ramsey Plane Food offers guests a wide choice of dining options. However if you’ve no time to sit down then try one of their Plane Picnics to take on the plane. This restaurant has fantastic views of the runway and air traffic below through its all-glass frontage.

Learn more about the restaurant  visit www.gordonramsay.com/planefood/

In India a number of food items can be carried onboard flights, particularly on the domestic sector since the likelihood of food rotting on shorter journeys is lower. The freedom comes with caveats though. On grounds of security, packing in metal cutlery is a no-no. So is taking along soup, dal,  jelly, salad dressing or any liquid or gel-like food item, except in small quantities.

A flight attendant with a low-cost carrier said: “Though the trend has not caught on in India, some frequent flyers, people travelling with children and those following food restrictions do bring their own meals.” She added that most passengers who do so “are sensible enough not to pack in pungent and smelly food such as fish, raw onions and garlic”.

Though not popular so far, the trend of flying with own food may take off now as air travel becomes dearer. Most Indian carriers are charging for comforts like seats with extra leg room after the Centre cleared airfare unbundling.

The Airline Rules in the USA

In-flight Food

Most airlines will also offer food for purchase throughout the flight, including snacks and alcoholic beverages.

The availability and prices of in-flight meals varies depending on the airline.

Also, passengers are allowed to bring their own food and drinks onto the plane. Drinks or jelly type foods must be purchased at the airport, however, because of TSA security measures.

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