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What is “THANAL” all about?

They are an environmental organization based in Kerala.  Who has  been working on a number of issues of public interest, especially related to environment, agriculture and livelihood generation.  Registered as a Trust and primarily do research, advocacy, action and education.  Believing that a society can be made sustainable and healthy by addressing the basic concerns regarding.  Environmental Health and Environmental Justice.

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How do they work?

– With local people at the grassroots level to build capacity and skills as well as adequate knowledge, to address the issue as well as the solution, and eventually even be part of the local development, from planning to implementation.

– With governments, both panchayath and district level as well as state and national level, to ensure the adoption of such sustainable practices in their governance so that the demands coming from the ground can be met.

– Through demonstrating solutions and alternatives, pilot projects and guidelines as well as plans for institutionalizing the solutions from household / farm level to state / national level.

– With children and youth, among schools and colleges, to bring in fresh and innovative thought and action on sustainable solutions and how they can be involved in rebuilding our lives without destroying the earths resources.

Some campaigns they are involved in

Ban Endosulfan

From the mid 1970s, the pesticide endosulfan has been aerially sprayed on a cashew nut plantation covering several villages in Kasargod District, Kerala State, India.

Save our Rice

Rice is the most important crop for Asians. Rice means not only food, but also culture, livelihood, nature, art, education … everything. For us in India, especially in the south, east and north east

Paddy and Wetland Conservation

Campaign to save Paddy and Wetland eco systems.

Zero Waste Himalayas

A movement for protecting the Himalayas – the third pole of the world. It is a network of individuals, organisations and Governments who have come together to implement Zero Waste.

Learn more about Thanal click here

SOURCE : thanal.co.in


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