Human TrafficKing – 15 Dollars Per Baby…Every Minute Of The Day A Child Or Woman Is SOLD

Human TrafficKing – 15 Dollars Per Baby

by Richard Wilson


Every Minute of the day a woman or a child is SOLD, a local slave lord “Pimp”returned a baby who was sold for 15 dollars by its parents, the baby is ransomed, and the entire story is documented by Dustan and Darlene, host of The Revolutionary Life.

In Malaysia Every minute of the day a woman or a child is SOLD. Thousands of babies are being sold every day, but today Heaven shined on this baby’s life. These Revolutionaries somehow managed to successfully ransom this small child, and gain the slave lord’s change of heart to return the baby. The parents sold the baby for 15 dollars, barley enough money to live on and as a way to survive in a poor country.

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These two Revolutionaries are shinning a light into the dark world of the unspoken  and unheard  babies of Human Trafficking.

Travelling 1,000’s of miles across the continent, driving endless miles thru muddy trails and dirt roads, crossing rivers, going up river in a boat and hiking thru jungles with a backpack, map and flashlight is a daily Revolutionary Life.

700,000  to 4 million persons worldwide are trafficked across or within national borders every year.

Dustan and Darlene have been the tour de force, exposing the Human Trafficking World in places in Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Africa.

Human Trafficking  generates roughly 7 to 10 billion dollars annually; is a form of modern-day slavery; and is the fastest-growing, global criminal industry, with high profits, low risks, minimal capital investment, and a “commodity” that can be used over and over again.

Women, men, and children fall prey to human trafficking on a global scale The country is poor with little to no resources available to the public and are exploited by misfortune, ignorance and desperation.  Either lured by promises of employment and a better life.

The Revolutionary Life is a dedicated commitment to helping and rescuing   Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims from Indonesia to West Africa.

Throughout their entire trip and wanting to show the rest of the world they filmed the entire trip and now can be seen on a TV series called: THE REVOLUTIONARY LIFE.

Free video of Human TrafficKing and episodes of the ReveolutionaryLife go to



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