Auto meters, new fares likely in July in Chennai

Auto meters, new fares likely in July in Chennai


After being imposed upon by auto rickshaw drivers for more than a decade, commuters may soon be able to pay according to the meter.

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The government will fix a new tariff for auto rickshaws in the first week of July, with officials indicating it will issue an order with the fares on July 2, four days ahead of the July 6 deadline it has been given by the Supreme Court.

Officials at the home department are pushing against time to comply with the apex court’s order. “The Supreme Court has ordered that the fares must be implemented by July 6. The order will definitely come before that,” a senior official at the secretariat said.

A report drafted by the transport department, recommending a minimum fare of 20 for the first 2km and 10 for every additional kilometre, is now with the law department.

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