Hunger + Poverty = Child Labour and Trafficking in India


Across the globe, traffickers buy and sell children, exploiting them for sex and  forced labor, and moving them across international borders. There isn’t much that children in poverty can do or say about their situation, because it was exclusively caused by adults. Extreme situations created by poverty put a huge strain on adults and push them to the edge. Adults often become prone to violence, losing patience if not hope, and  gradually lose a sensitivity that is vital for the healthy development  of children. All things considered, it’s in fact a miracle that  so many kids and parents come out of such experiences with only minor  damages. But many also get out of this with scars for life.

Children For Sale -Part -1 -Posted by AlJazeeraEnglish


Children For Sale -Part -2 -Posted by AlJazeeraEnglish

Smart and cheap ways to help children in poverty

A cost-effective form of social protection is to intervene directly with  parents to improve their parenting skills, rather than trying to change  everything at home. Among the most effective techniques, simple and  regular visits at home help (re-)educating parents on the spot.Aside from strictly parenting, great experiments have also managed to teach  them how to best stimulate their children’s curiosity through books,  magazines, specific toys, and also quality TV programs.

Before it’s too late

Such programs can be set up to target vulnerable families. That way, they act before any harm is done to the kids and children in poverty are saved from abuse and/or neglect. For example, sending nurses to visit homes to give advice but also cheer up and reassure new parents is a great and not too invasive form of  prevention. It’s crucial to preserve and nurture the human aspect of the issue and understand that most parents who mistreat their  children would actually love to do a better job. Some living conditions  can put the best of us in the worst situations.

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