Around The World 45% Of Child deaths Due To Malnutrition



The eminent British medical journal The Lancet released a seminal new study on child and maternal nutrition. In the report is a shocking discovery: we have been (dead) wrong about malnutrition all along. Yes, we knew that malnutrition is a major problem across the developing world. Yes, we knew that it robs millions of children of their lives and productive futures. But we what we didn’t know is just how bad it really is.

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Today we learned that the scourge of malnutrition is a far greater threat to children’s lives than we ever thought. It turns out that a shocking 3.1 million children every year die because of the underlying problem of malnutrition. That accounts for 45% of all child deaths under 5 years of age, not a third as we previously understood. In other words, malnutrition is responsible for 600,000 more child deaths each year than we realised.

On top of that, for the children who manage to survive malnutrition in their early years, 165 million will grow up stunted as a result. This means that their growth, learning ability, cognitive development, and future income and productivity is jeopardised – for the rest of their lives. And it also means that the development and human capital of entire countries is sabotaged.

What is so shocking about this statistic is the juxtaposition to what donors are contributing now to the fight against malnutrition. Total global aid to basic nutrition last year was only $418 million, or only 0.4% of all foreign aid. How can this be, when malnutrition claims millions of lives and affects so many of the world’s poorest children and mothers?

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Did you know ?

1.An estimated forty per cent of the world’s severely malnourished children under 5  live in India

2. Every third malnourished child in the world today lives in India.

3. The most damaging effects of under-nutrition occur during pregnancy and the first two years of a child’s life.

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