India tops nations vulnerable to disasters, displacement

India tops nations vulnerable to disasters, displacement

BY Ravi Bajpai

A new global report states South Asia had maximum number of people displaced last year, underscoring the region’s vulnerability to devastating natural disasters

More people were displaced in India by natural disasters last year than in any other country, a new global report states.

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Incessant floods, triggered by monsoon, in the north-eastern states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh caused most of the displacement, according to the report, titled Global Estimates 2012, People displaced by disasters, prepared by the International Displacement Monitoring Centre, an organisation that tracks internal displacements worldwide.

Emergency aid didn’t reach many who were forced to move out after their homes were destroyed, the report states. “Humanitarian assistance by the government, the Indian Red Cross and NGOs was unable to cover all affected areas,” it says.

Displacement data compiled in the report indicates vulnerability patterns of countries and regions to different kinds of natural disasters. Use theseinteractive graphics to explore the trends.

Countries affected in 2012

People were displaced at least once last year in 82 countries because of natural disasters. Nigeria ranked second in the list of countries where large number of people were displaced, followed by China, Philippines, Pakistan and the United States, in that order. Bangladesh was ranked seventh. All 82 countries are plotted here on a colour-graded map.

Darker shade indicates more displacements (see India, shaded darkest). 

Click Image to download software to know how many people were displaced in each country.

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Which disasters caused more damage, and in which country

An analysis of all disasters that displaced 100,000 people or more last year shows floods were the most devastating, unsettling 22,693,130 people, which is more than double the number displaced by typhoons, the second most devastating disaster last year.

Floods were also widespread in many countries, unlike other disasters that were limited to certain areas. All types of disasters that displaced 100,000 people or more are shown below in this interactive graphic.

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