Monsanto Applies for More Test Sites of More GMO Wheat Varieties

Amidst the Global Uproar, Monsanto Applies for More Test Sites of More GMO Wheat Varieties Anyway

  By Fritz Kreiss 

When you want to see an example of what it’s like to be all but above the law, you can almost find a perfect example of it in the world’s largest seed company, GMO and petrochemical specialist Monsanto.  As most everyone has recently heard, they’re currently under scrutiny by many people, governments, and organizations around the world as their RoundUp Ready GMO Wheat was recently found growing illegally in a farmer’s field in Oregon.  This crop has never been approved for use in any country in the world, and according to Monsanto they haven’t tried growing any in Oregon for a decade now and have done no testing at all since 2005, and so, that’s what we       believed.

Image taken from Occupy Monsanto | Facebook

 Then we found out days later that they grew a 150 acre test plot of the wheat in Hawaii and this year they doubled it for a 300 acre plot in North Dakota.  This all started coming out in the aftermath and due to the investigations by the USDA to find out how this GMO managed to escape and survive all these years spreading its tainted and patented genetic material without losing too much of its purity.  

We have just learned that Monsanto is now testing at least two new genetically engineered wheat breeds, one much like the last simply made to be RoundUp Ready to withstand the well known herbicide, and at least one other designed to withstand sprayings of not only RoundUp but also other herbicides such as Dicamba which are generally believed to be more toxic to both people and the environment.  Those are the same ones they claimed were being tested on the current plots we just learned of, but that’s not all.

Over just the last three weeks in the midst of everything, Monsanto applied to 13 more states to get approval for more test site locations (source: USDA):

 Why is this company given free rein to do whatever they please with our food supply, our health, the agriculture market, and our own government?  (Their constant involvement in running the FDA and USDA from the highest ranks for the last 20 years does explain a lot.)  At some point the people need to speak up and demand that something be done to protect the citizens of this country from this menace to society that so recklessly plays games with our health and that of our world with little to no thought of the consequences beyond their own short-term profit?  Please contact all your state and federal representatives as well as both the USDA and the FDA with your thoughts, comments, and anything else you can think of to spur them into taking action.  Demand that these applications be denied until proper safety regulations have been put into place, experimental and potentially dangerous crops such as these should be kept only in a carefully controlled lab if they cannot prevent any of the altered genetic material from escaping (which the industry has quite clearly failed to do in a number of different cases with various crops and products.  Demand change, as they’re not going to do anything about it if we don’t make them.



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