Darker Side of India: Child Trafficking on the Rise

Darker Side of India: Child Trafficking on the Rise

By SiliconIndia

Bangalore: A huge number of children from a place called Tarai in Nepal are trafficked to India everyday and they fall victims to child labor.

In 2012 about 250 Nepali children were rescued from the India-Nepal border. DSP Pitambar Adhikari in Parsa said “Hundreds of children from various districts of Tarai in Nepal are being trafficked to Mumbai every week for child labor,” as reported by Republica.

Nepal government has currently stopped international child adoptions to western countries. There are number of unregistered orphanages in Nepal which are trafficking children to different parts of the world and Indian human rights activists speculate that there are thousands of Nepali children who work in India.

Border Security Force (IBSF) and the Indian Railway Police Force (IRPF) have been rescuing children who are trafficked to India, and are returning them back to their country safely in association with various NGOs, said Sandeep Singh Thakuri, chairman of Development Nepal.

Human right activist said that “though hundreds of children are rescued everyday from India-Nepal border, the Indian security personnel’s are not arresting the traffickers and that is because these traffickers are bribing the security personnels” as reported by Republica.

SOURCE : http://www.siliconindia.com/news/general/Darker-Side-of-India-Child-Trafficking-on-the-Rise-nid-144134-cid-1.html



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