Why Block Salt Is The Best Option

Why Block Salt Is The Best Option

In recent years, more people than ever before have started using block salt rather than table salt. A bag of table salt, for instance, usually weighs around 25 kilograms when in fact salt in block form can weigh as little as four kilograms depending on what you order from reputable online salt providers.

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Both commercial customers and individual householders have found that salt blocks are ideal as softeners for dishwashers or washing machines and a much cheaper option than their expensive counterparts. Using a block of salt is the perfect way to keep your water softening system in good order, as well as providing your business or household with softened water twenty-four hours a day.

Block Salt Benefits

Block salt has meant that our softeners are far more compact than ever before.

In addition, block salt itself is:

  1. Easy to load
  2. Easy to carry
  3. Easy to store

Why use block salt?

Recent reports have highlighted that many commercial detergents are filled with extra chemicals which can be harmful both to the skin and the environment. In addition to this, washing powders, softeners and liquids are very expensive when compared to using salt blocks.

Block salt is a non-biological, natural product which will not lead to any irritation of the skin or cause damage to the environment. It also produces great whitening results every time and there is no need to use bleach, whiteners or fabric softeners. Many people fail to realise that block salt is phosphate free and does not contain any unnatural ingredients so can be used safely without worry.

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