Why are Nutritionists Sponsored by Junk Food Companies?

SOURCE : http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_27609.cfm

By Dr. Mercola 
Mercola.com, May 26, 2013 
Straight to the Source


By Dr. Mercola

Can you rely on the government to provide objective, health-promoting dietary advice via the food guide now known as MyPlate? The short answer to that question is “No.” The reality of how government bows to food-industry interests is shocking, and most certainly plays a role in the obesity epidemic.

How about registered dietitians (RDs)? Surely you can trust their advice? After all, their specialty is nutrition and food science.

Disturbingly, a recent report exposing the deep conflicts of interest between the processed food industry and the trade organization for food- and nutrition professionals in the US shatters any illusion you may have had that RDs are thego-to source for well-researched, science-based nutrition advice that will improve your health…

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