Understanding the impact of genetically modified crops in Africa

Understanding the impact of genetically modified crops in Africa

Image taken from http://www.acbio.org.za/


Abbreviations and acronyms
About this handbook
1    Know the field and articulate your position
2     Familiarise yourself with the regulatory issues
3    Identify your allies
4    Interact with the process
5    Keep the pressure on
Terminology Used

How to make the best of the material?
1. Download two files:
Actvist’s Handbook   download 7.59 Mb &
Reading Resources   Download 16.53 Mb

2. Keep both of these files in the same folder on your computer.
3. Unzip the “Reading Resources”
4. Whilst reading the Handbook, when you click on a Resource link, you will be taken directly to it.

SOURCE : http://www.acbio.org.za/index.php/publications/rest-of-africa



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