Chocolate without GM Soy Lecithin


No Soy Lecithin (bars, truffles, and more!):

  1. Amano
  2. Amedei
  3. ASkinosie
  4. Equal Exchange chocolate*(v)(ft)
  5. Gnosis Chocolate*(v)(r)(ft)
  6. Good Cacao*(v)(ft) organic with superfoods, came across this brand through a health practitioner
  7. Lindt (v)- select few varieties w/o soy, such as their “extra dark” | (v) is also for select..some Lindt dark does contain milk fat (and not organic!)
  8. Michel Cluizel
  9. Nirvana (v)
  10. Olive and Sinclair
  11. Pacari (Sunflower Lecithin)*(v)(r-some) [Likely fair trade, need to verify.]
  12. Patric Chocolate
  13. Rapunzel Chocolate*(v)(ft)
  14. Taza
  15. Vintage plantations (v)(ft) is soy lecithin free for some of their bars and they clearly label if so or not:
  16. Vital choice*(v) [Likely fair trade, need to verify.]

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  1. NibMor
  2. Pralus

Chocolate Spreads with no soy lecithin:

  1. Nocciolata Chocolate Hazelnut Spread* [Likely fair trade as it is organic]
  2. Noisette & Cacao
  3. Rapunzel Chocolate Hazelnut Butter*(ft)
  4. Rawtella – Raw Chocolate Spread (several varieties)*(v)(r)(ft)

Much thanks to Susan at The Chocolate Path for compiling the majority of this list!!!  Most of these brands are available for order through their website:

You can get Equal Exchange chocolate at a discount via – Get an additional $5 off of your first order by using referral code DOH011. 



The extra markings on this list are incomplete. We have marked regarding the info we have found out. We have not fully investigated every brand on our soy lecithin-free list.

(ft) = Fair trade. Cross referenced with Slave Free Chocolate: Coalition to End Child Slavery on West African Cocoa Farms’ Directory of Ethical Chocolate Companies and knowledge of companies not on their list. Also note that, generally, if the chocolate is organic, has a fair trade label or the  cocoa is listed as being sourced from anywhere other than Ghana or The  Ivory Coast then it’s slave free.

 (v) = vegan product or brand line includes vegan (non-dairy) itemsMost all of the dark chocolates on the list will be vegan. I marked only the ones I know offhand. Please check the unmarked brands yourself.  If you comment below with info you find out, I will update it here. Thank you!  ~Liz

(r) = raw   

* = non-GMO

Note that some of these brands may contain other genetically modified (GM) ingredients. Next to soy lecithin, the most problematic ingredient in chocolate is the sugar.  If it is not specified as cane, it likely contains GM beet sugar.  Then, if it is a milk chocolate (or dark with added dairy ingredients) and the milk is not organic, it is likely from cows fed GMOs and maybe given GM growth hormones. The majority of brands listed here are likely 100% non-GMO. Feel free to ask about a specific product if you are unsure.  If it’s organic, it should be non-GMO.  I’ll * the brands that I know are entirely non-GMO. There may very well be others that I’m just not yet familiar enough with to guarantee so. For products from those lines, I’ll need to read the ingredient list.    ~Liz

RE: Organic – Many of the above brands are either organic or have organic varieties. We have not indexed the listings for organic or not. If it is organic, it is likely fairly traded as well.



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