Courageous girl exposes sex racket in India


Published : March 24th ,2012

Sharp pupil grows suspicious after chatting to woman.

Darjeeling: The bravery of a class 12 school girl resulted in the busting of a sex racket and the arrest of four people, including a married couple. A Rs5,000 (Dh358.5) award was announced for the student whose efforts also resulted in a woman being saved from trafficking.

The accused, Nabin Thapa, arrested from Siliguri, and Vishal Labar and Samir Thatal, arrested from Darjeeling, have been in police custody for ten days while Thapa’s wife Abanita Thapa was admitted to hospital after she complained of ill-health after her arrest.

Officers have sought help from Delhi Police to catch others involved.

The Thapa couple approached the victim — a divorcee and a mother of two — promising a job she desperately needed. After she agreed, she was told she would be picked up by two men (Labar and Thatal) who would take her to Delhi for the job.

Days before she was supposed to leave for Delhi, the woman met the school pupil and during a casual chat, told her the job offer. The pupil who earlier had attended a workshop on trafficking, grew suspicious and contacted police.

Comments : The media needs to put in news of this quality so the commoners are encouraged to fight crimes and help the innocent.

Though it’s an old post I am sharing this to highlight how ones awareness changed things significantly.



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