SOURCE : http://www.facesofchildabuse.org/prevent-abuse.html#communityHelp

Be VIGILANT for stressed parents that may need a helping hand, families with new born babies, single parent households, families who’s lost a job, any situation where you can HELP!
  • Provide helpful resources for their situation – refer to “Helpful Numbers“, “Parental Help Guide 2-sided (Interior/Exterior)” or “Need Help” for options
  • Reach out to Friends, Family, Neighbors. Being a parent is not easy. Lay a helping hand in any way you can to let the parents unwin.
  • Start a carpool and offer to bring the kids to or from school each day
  • Offer to baby-sit so the parent can run errands, go to the gym to de-stress or have a night out
  • Have their children over to your house in a play date so the parents can have some time alone
  • Offer the parent if they want to join you for a walk, run (de-stress)
  • Let them know you are available to talk if they need to VENT and be available if they do come to you to VENT
  • If they have a newborn, offer to bring over a meal or two to help them as they transition into parenthood
  • If they are fist time parents and you have experience with children, offer advice and for them to call you for advice
  • Reach out to single parents – Statistics show that single parent households have higher child abuse incidents
  • Reach out to stressed parents – Anger and Stress is one of the MAIN causes of child abuse
  • Get Involved if  YOU See Abuse

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