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Tarun Kumar is proud that he saved 12 children from being trafficked.

Auto driver Tarun Kumar helped the Delhi police bust a child trafficking racket, and rescued 12 underage children in Delhi on 19 April. Sadly, his moment of glory turned to gloom as soon as his auto owner came to know of the incident. The auto owner doesn’t want Kumar to ply his vehicle fearing the enmity of the gang members.

“My auto owner felt that by getting an interstate child trafficking gang arrested, I have hit the hornet’s nest and that other members of the gang might target me any time for their revenge. And it may also invite trouble for him. He asked me to surrender the vehicle to him. Since, the news has circulated in the auto driver circle, even other auto owners are wary of letting me drive their autos,” said Kumar.

Other auto owners are sulking to hire Kumar for the same reason. The only solace Kumar has for his troubles, so far, is a pet from the Delhi police and a promise by activist-turned-politician Arvind Kejriwal to get his name recommended for civilian bravery award.

The sudden loss of a job has brought difficult times for Kumar. Aged 29, he has a wife and two children to support. “My son has to join the school from this month. I was planning to find a suitable public school for him, but without job it seems difficult. Now I am trying to get my son admitted under the economically backward quota category,” said Kumar.

Before the ordeal started for Kumar, he was happy that he saved children’s lives and hoped that he will get accolades from the society. Recalling his experience, he said that when he was taking his passengers, 4 kids, three adults, on 19 April from Anand Vihar bus terminal to Kanti Nagar, he suspected that children had been smuggled into Delhi for sale and decided to save them.

“While I was taking my passengers to their destination, I overheard them talking of how they had picked up the children from Bihar and how much profit they expected by their sale in the capital. When I was sure that they were child traffickers, I stopped my auto and dialled the police control room. But, they found out what I was doing and started beating me. I resisted and during the scuffle managed to alert the police about the incident and the location. After a while, two of them ran away with the children, but I got hold of one and didn’t let him go. Luckily, the police arrived on time and arrested the man. Meanwhile, I also noticed a poster on my auto that claimed that people in need could contact Aam Aadmi Party volunteers. I dialled them and asked them to come to Krishna Nagar police station,” said Kumar.

Later, said Kumar, when AAP volunteers got involved, the police interrogated the arrested man and managed to arrest seven child traffickers. “Around 12 children, aged 9-10, were recovered from their custody. I also lodged an FIR under my name against these traffickers, asking police to bust their whole racket and rescue other kids from their custody,” said Kumar.

Krishna Nagar police hailed Kumar’s alertness and bravery and AAP cadres even took him to a press conference addressed by party chief Aarvind Kejriwal next day. “Kejriwalji narrated my bravery in front of the media. He also told me that he will try to get my name recommended for civil bravery award,” Kumar said.

Kumar is proud to have saved lives of the small children. “I will find another auto to ply soon, or take up another job to run my kitchen. I only want somebody to help me with my son’s admission to a private school under the underprivileged category,” said Kumar.


He is a true role model , should be rewarded by the  GOVERNMENT . He has saved 12 beautiful lives. We as citizens need to promote this brave act of is tomorrow our nation has people like him all around.


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    Thanks for sharing this article… There’s hope for this country because of AAP!

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